Why Code Quality Matters

The quality of the program source code is the bedrock of maintainability. Source code files in good quality make it easier for developers to correct errors, to adjust features, and to expand the program. It is not only a question of resources but also of response time. For example, fixing a vital security issue can only be done by so many of your elite programmers. Adding more manpower to speed up the process probably will be counterproductive.
At the strategic level, the quality of your source code might make it possible for you to release vital features months before your competitor rather than months after the deadline.

Producing source code of good quality is harder than producing quick (and dirty) source code. The programmers must be better skilled and they need the extra time to do the planning and cleanup (in programmers language – refactoring) that is needed to ensure good quality. Quality costs money upfront and all source code might not need to be top quality. 

Producing source code is a craft that is very difficult to evaluate unless you are involved in the process. CodeImprover is the magic looking glass that gives everybody else an objective indication of the quality of the source code.
This enables management to make fact-based decisions on how much to invest in source code quality. When, where, and how much.

Another dimension of maintainability is whether you (still) have programmers who know all major areas of the codebase. CodeImprover offers this, potentially vital, information as part of the holistic analysis capabilities in the web portal solution

  • Good quality code is easy and predictable to maintain
  • Bad quality code is hard and unpredictable to maintain
  • Do your developers obey company policy on code quality?
  • Do your developers know all areas of your codebase?
  • CodeImprover makes the difference between guessing and knowing
  • PRINCE2 contains Quality as both a theme and a performance goal. The minimum requirement for claiming the use of PRINCE2 in a software project is to decide how to relate to source code quality.
  • SAFe has built-in quality as one of the core values. CodeImprover encourages or enforces good coding standards, thereby strengthening the collective ownership of the source code.

Benefits for software suppliers



Management reporting on productivity and quality

Fact-based discussions regarding code quality

Focus effort to create value

Real-time transparency


 Ability to spot best practices across teams and projects

Code quality becomes a common responsibility

Easier to scale development teams up or down

Less dependence on individuals


Fewer risks in several areas, such as “black box” situations

The codebase becomes easier to maintain

The code is easier to test

Benefits for software buyers



Management reporting on productivity and quality

Fact-based supplier management

Lower risk of vendor lock-in

Real-time transparency


Transparent performance of teams and individuals

Possibility to scale development teams


Reduce the cost of maintenance and further development

Avoid “black box” situations

Ensure value for money


With CodeImprover you can go from reactive to proactive
This allows teams to take shared responsibility and improve performance


  • Reactive

  • In the dark

  • Quality is an individual responsibility

  • Who is to blame?

  • No or little transparency within development teams


  • Proactive

  • Real-time feedback and insight

  • Quality becomes a common responsibility

  • Avoid being left with a bad situation to unravel

  • Provides transparency to the team, and to management