Install and use the The CodeImprover Duplication GitHub App


The CodeImprover Duplication GitHub app is a standard GitHub app and obeys the rules of such. The app can soon be found in the GitHub marketplace.

Please go to this marketplace link
for installation.


When installed, the CodeImprover GitHub app works like any other check you might have installed. 

For every commit, there will be a small icon signaling if the checks are working, failed, or succeeded. Clicking on the icon will show a list of your checks and choosing CodeImprover shows the CodeImprover Commit Report. 

The short videos to the right show how to find: 

  • The commit report.
  • The pull request report.
  • The installation process.

Technical Reference

The Technical reference overview contains links to technical reference articles covering all CodeImprover apps and services

Duplicate Code – The Pragmatic approach

This key concept article is a description of the way duplicate code is defined and handled

Duplicate Code – Destroys Maintainability and Agility

These two articles explain in business terms why duplicate code is hampering both maintainability and business agility.

How to find the Codeimprover Duplication report for a commit

How to find the Codeimprover Duplication report for a pull request

How to install and setup the Codeimprover Duplication GitHub app