The CodeImprover platform is connected to the code repository, where the engine analyses every change made to the codebase. This will help your development teams and organization to dramatically improve code quality and help management to prioritize tasks and optimize development teams.

The analysis helps you to focus on the most valuable drivers for harvesting the benefits of good code quality. The insights from the CodeImprover dashboard is easy to understand and actionable by team and management.

CodeImprover connection


Knowledge for management and developers

The CodeImprover platform analyses and collects data from the repository creating information regarding the code base. I.e. CodeImprover analyses and orchestrates your existing data into information. This is visualized in the CodeImpover dashboard creating transparency of the code quality for both management and developers.

But to gain value of this information it has to be analyzed and interpreted – this is a manual proces.

The analysis creates actionable insights that helps developers to write better code, and helps management prioritize tasks and optimize development teams.

The unique features of the CodeImprover platform:

Insight in data across time

As the CodeImprover platform is not analysing snapshots, but the entire history of commits, all data is available at any point in a timeline. The benefits are that the development in quality can be tracked for individual modules over time, as well as the performance of teams and individuals.

Transparency for management

Management has access to data through the same portal as the developers. The standard management view is a number of dynamic reports that provide valuable real-time insight into the code base and performance of the team. This aids management in making fact-based prioritisation and decisions, such as whether to strengthen the team, or prioritize the work.

Transparency for developers

Through the web portal, developers have insight into the performance, scores, and ranking for themselves, as well the entire team combined. The analyses of all commits in the history of the codebase are also available, including tools and various analysis of the data.

Automatic real-time feedback

On each check-in/commit, the analysis engine sends real-time feedback to the developer (optional). This includes a code quality score, as well as actionable insights into how the quality can be improved if needed. If a bad quality check-in/commit is corrected within a few days, a low score can be avoided.

Analysis engine

When the CodeImprover platform is connected to the code repository, the engine analyses change. The focus is on the most valuable drivers for improving code quality, making the insights easy to understand and actionable. The insights are available through a web portal.

Detailed reporting

CodeImprover provides several different reports that enables project managers and senior management to gain overview without diving into technical details.