Install and use the The CodeImprover Metrics GitHub App


The CodeImprover GitHub Metrics app is a standard GitHub app and obeys the rules of such. The app is available in the GitHub marketplace as [Unverified]. We are in the process of getting the app [Verified] by GitHub. The process is known to take some time.
But that is only a formality – the CodeImprover Metrics GitHub app is ready to fly.

Go to for installation.

The installation is done according to the standard GitHub guide for installing apps. Ignore the Pricing and Billing part of the guide – since the app is free.

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When installed, the CodeImprover Metrics GitHub app works like any other check you might have installed. 

For every commit, there will be a small icon signaling if the checks are working, failed, or succeeded. Clicking on the icon will show a list of your checks and choosing CodeImprover shows the CodeImprover Commit Report. 

The short videos to the right show how to find: 

  • The commit report.
  • The pull request report.
  • The commit report on an older commit in a branch.

Technical Reference

The Technical reference overview contains links to detailed descriptions of the reports and the metrics.