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The ideas of CodeImprover are rooted in years of first hand experiences of unsatisfactory insights provided by other code analysis tools. The tools on the market are either too detailed and rigid or provides insights for senior management that is difficult to take action on. Plugins for development tools have been readily available for years, but are seldom used, leaving code quality as an individual responsibility.

Furthermore, we have experienced how various developers (suppliers, freelancers or regular team members) have contributed to lowering quality of the code bases. This increased the burden of maintainance, lowered test quality and even introduced unacceptable black box areas with spaghetti code.

After more than a year of development, CodeImprover was formally founded in April 2018 by two software engineers and an IT management consultant. The company resides in Denmark, but our initial quest to penetrate the market of code analysis has brought our software as far as to the USA.

Our mission is to increase software quality as it affects everyone developing and using the software. We firmly believe there is a major coherence between creating good code quality and the TCO of custom build software. 

Adequate code quality can only be achieved through transparency. And just as we are discussing progress on the time schedules and test coverage on status meetings, there is need to discuss code quality. CodeImprover enables both software suppliers and software buyers to do so.

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