About Us

We are still at the early age of the software era and vast resources are put into producing software around the world.

We believe many more companies can benefit from developing business software; not to compete with “standard software”, but to leverage technology to create new business value and competitive advantages.

There are two important impediments to realize the full potential: Ensuring a low cost of software maintenance and increasing the transparency between development teams and managers.

We strongly believe that the quality of the source code must be controlled and transparent. This is why we created CodeImprover. 

We share our cultural heritage with Danish computer scientists Peter Nauer, Bjarne Stoustrup, and Anders Heilsberg, and although the achievements of these far surpass anything we might dare hope for ourselves, we do care about our reputation and legacy.

One of our goals is to ensure that code quality achieves and remains a suitable priority in the long run.

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    • We are Professionals with a mission
    • Quality of software must be controlled
    • We are dedicated to transparency
    • We are in the Game –  for the long run

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